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(See Order Form at bottom of Page)

After 30 years of collecting I have quite a surplus of "spares"

Some varieties are in short supply so I may only be able to send one bulb per customer

 in order that more people have a chance of receiving their choice, but I shall do my best!

However, most grow like weeds here in our moist, fertile soil, and I shall be able to be very generous with other varieties

Most of my snowdrops have impeccable provenances - coming direct from the finder/raiser, or down a line of gardeners which can be

 traced back to the original source - I find the stories behind the plants, the history, and the people themselves as fascinating as each flower

Please read the Snowdrop Notes and Cultivation sections  - information about new varieties will be found here-

as well as guidance as to how best  to treat your bulbs when they arrive.




The return of order forms by post is the fairest way for everyone

Envelopes will be dealt with in the order in which they are received

Obviously, first come, first served.  Those of you who have sent me an s.a.e. will receive their order form a few days before it goes on the Internet.

Unfortunately, I cannot reserve individual snowdrops as it is not fair on everyone else, and I like to encourage beginners as well as "old hands".


Please use my new e-mail address  if you need to contact me


I cannot accept orders after 28th February.

I am very sorry, but neither can I send bulbs to addresses outside the UK - only within the UK and Northern Ireland

I do not send substitutes, but I do sometimes send Freebies!


As some of you know, I don't go in for Factory Farming (twin-scaling!!)

 and prefer my snowdrops "Free Range" - i.e. dug straight from the garden as natural divisions.

  This takes longer, of course, but our customers always comment on the size and vigour of the bulbs we send, 

and the success with which they settle in to their new homes

Please POST your completed form and limit cheque (as described below)


to Snape Cottage, Bourton, Gillingham, Dorset SP8 5BZ


Fill in Payee (Mrs A Whinfield)

Date, and Sign your cheque, but don't fill in the amount lines or figures box

Add up the total value of your order, including postage and packing, and write between the crossed lines "not to exceed £xx.xx"

(£xx.xx being the grand total of your order)

I will then fill in the amount when I send your order, and notify you of the figure I have filled in. 

This saves a lot of trouble returning cheques for alteration in the event of any varieties being sold out.

Your bulbs will be dug from the garden and posted out to you in the first 3 weeks of March

Don't forget to read the Cultivation Advice section!


Please Click Here to View and Print your Snowdrop Mail Order Form


Snowdrop Order Form 2018.pdf



Thank you for your order!